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Heros or Zeros?

A friend of mine who pitches for the Univeristy of Minnesota told me one day that Rodger Clemens runs five miles a day to train his legs for the beating they go under during a game of baseball. Being a competitive distance runner myself who didn't run five miles a day to train, this was very suprising. Well, now I have something suprising to tell him. Your hero did steroids and other performace enhancing drugs.

This is such a sticky subject. On one hand we have an athlete who has done everything he can to become the ubermench, a superman. Just because he has taken steroids doesn't mean that his five miles a day don't count, unfortunately it means that they count too much.

The Washington Post reported on the Mitchell Report, which names several big time players linked to steroid use. "Mitchell said during an afternoon news conference in New York that each major league team had at least one player linked to the use of performance-enhancing drugs during the period that he investigated." That is earth shattering.

Because of random drug testing started in 2002, the use of steroid, which can be detected in urine, has gone down. But, use of human growth hormone has risen because it is undetectable in urin samples.

Mitchell urged Bud Selig, the Commissioner of Baseball to let past offenders slide and make more proactive moves to cut down on substance abuse in the future, unless letting a player go would ruin the integrity of the game.

Frankly, a game with at least one cheater on every team has already lost its integrity. This is tantamount to someone saying that a homemade apple pie wasn't baked with a store bought crust. America shouldn't allow this.