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Hug it, or chop it?

Environmentalists are having difficulty determining the most enviro-friendly way to bring a tree into their homes. It has always been thought before that fake trees were better for the environment because then another tree is saved. However, this has been brought into question because these trees are made of plastic, which is petroleum based, and nonbiodegradable., according to the Star Tribune.

The Strib reported, "For every tree harvested, two or three are planted, according to the Minnesota Christmas Tree Association. The trees provide wildlife habitat and control soil erosion."

This debate is taken on every year as the University of Minnesota forestry club fundraises by chopping and selling their x-mas trees.

The Daily reported, '"Most tree farmers in general are very conservation-minded, and most replant more than they harvest,' Carl Vogt, an extension specialist for the University of Minnesota forestry club said."

'"Buying a natural Christmas tree is actually better for the environment than buying a fake tree, because most fake trees are petroleum-based,' Vogt said."

One acre of trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people each year, and the University of Minnesota forrestry club owns 25 acres, so they supply enough oxygen for 450 people a year.