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Just a game, but so much more

The New York Times released an article about the use of poker as a learning tool, as a gimmick to assist children study math.

The Times reported that a Harvard study argues that poker, " which is probability-based and requires risk assessment, situational analysis and a gift for reading people, can be an effective teaching tool, whether for middle school math or in business and law classes."

How? Wouldn't all video games be considered risk assessing if a role-playing character is about to enter a life/death situation? Don't most video games force the player to analyze the pretend situations they are in?

Well, Andrew M. Woods, 24, a third-year law student said, "I see poker as one tool to develop the kind of cognitive abilities that a lot of people don’t seem to be developing on their own, whether because those skills aren’t taught effectively in school or because they’re not learning it from their parents.?

Arnold Barret, a professor of mathematics at MIT said, "I’m not saying poker should replace algebra, but you have problems to solve in poker, and for students to see how mathematics can help them in real-life situations seems a whole lot smarter than having them determine the volume of some strangely shaped object.?

That I can see. I hated math. I should have played poker instead. However, I'm still waiting for the injection that makes me math savvy. Get on it Harvard!