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Snow is like armpits, everybody has a complaint

Both of these well-written stories focus on the consequences of heavy snowfall. The Star Tribune one is more of a public service anouncement about what the local government will be doing to keep the streets snow-free and the Journal-Sentinel article is more about the damage recap and the effects of heavy snowfall on the Milwaukee area.

The article from the Strib taps into state and local government agencies and gets information about road closings and which plows will be running when and where. This is very informative and helpful to the average reader, but very dry.

The JS article is completely different. Though the Milwaukee area got two less inches of snow than MN (six instead of MN's eight) the three reporters that worked on this story examined the storms effects at grocery counters, police headquarters and the General Mitchel airport. Though their story says little about specific government plans for shoveling or snow plowing, the article is extremely entertaining and captivates the reader who is sick of hearing about how many inches it snowed.