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The CDC recently published a study on the MRSA super staph bacteria that was found growing in the vaginae of pregnant women. According to the Star Tribune, this infection was first blamed by the tampon that these women were using, which resulted in the products being taken off shelves immediately, but this was not the case. The truth is that a staph infection had evolved and started growing in side of these women, This infection was lethal in small doses, but these woman were treated before the infection spread throughout their bodies.

This infection is one of the "superbugs" that leading physicians are trying to battle with new drugs. According to the New York Times MRSA and all staff infections spread by skin contact and enter the body though cuts. Young children and contact-sport athletes are warned to constantly keep their cuts clean and bandaged.

One of the reasons that MRSA has mutated from a regular staph infection to become lethal is because people don't consume their medication properly. When an individual takes their medication until their symptoms vanish and not the prescribed time given by their doctors, the bacteria has a chance to mutate and evolve to fight the antibodies that would have originally killed it.