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Venezuela, Chavez sour looser

The people of Venezuela went to the polls last week to decide if they would permit Chavez proposed referendums change the make-up of the presidency. The referendum would have made the president a lifetime position completely in control of the national bank, according to the BBC.

Simply put, he lost by a very close margin. The Washington Post reported several times as the votes were being counted electronically, and when the results came out three days late, they showed a 51% against the referendum, defeating Chavez proposal.

He is not happy about this.

Once again, Chavez says that he would shut down the opposition TV stations, just like he shut down RCTV, if those stations would continue to broadcast bias against his regime and try to create a front against him. He also warned opposition parties that this isn't the last that they will see of his referendums, because he plans on getting this one, or something like it, passed by the end of his current term in 2012, reported the Washington Post.