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Honors Courses for 2008-9

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2008-9 Honors Courses
Fall Semester 2008
Chem 1161: Honors General Chemistry I (Lib Ed Category 4)
MTWF 10-10:50 plus discussion and lab. Prof. Victor Nemykin teaches this Honors (smaller enrollment) version of a basic chem. class required by many majors.

Comm 1511: Honors Public Speaking (Lib Ed Category 3)
T-Th 9:30-10:45 Professor Elizabeth Nelson teaches this Honors (smaller enrollment) version of an extremely popular and important class in which students develop the all-important skills of crafting a presentation and speaking in front of a group.

CS 1581: Honors Computer Science (Lib Ed Category 3)
MWF 2-2:50 Professor Tim Colburn, Honors Committee Member, teaches this smaller and more project-focused version of an important and foundational comp sci course which is extremely important to science and engineering disciplines, among many others.

Hist 2605: World War I History & Literature
MWF 2-2:50 p.m. Professor Alexis Pogorelskin, Honors Committee Member, teaches this interdisciplinary course on the so-called “war to end all wars�, the global conflict that did more than any other to shape the modern political map.

Hon 400: Honors Capstone Seminar
Forum for Honors students to present Capstone projects; no credit, no fee seminar for students graduating Fall 08.

Math 1596: Honors Calculus I (Liberal Education Category 2)
MTWTF 11-11:50 Professor Bruce Peckham teaches this Honors (smaller enrollment) version of a math course that is a requirement for most science and engineering majors, and a blast for all.

Phil 1101: Honors Introduction to Philosophy (Lib Ed Category 7)
MWF 10-10:50 Professor Casey McGinnis aka “The Exploding Philosopher� teaches this Honors (smaller enrollment) version of a course foundational for all who wish to understand the meaning of life and to live richly.

Writ 1017 Honors Rhetoric of Popular Culture (Lib Ed Category 8 or Category I)
MWF 12-12:50 Professor Marty Sozansky teaches this enjoyable video-rich Honors small seminar in which popular culture is actively created, enjoyed and critically examined. Students who have taken or tested out of Writ 1120 take this class as a category 8 Lib Ed; others may count it toward Category I).

Spring 2009

Chem 1162: Honors General Chemistry II 12-12:50 MTWF plus lab and discussion

Writ 3180: Honors Advanced Writing (major requirement)
3-4:15 MW Professor David Beard, Honors Advisor and Turkey-Fighter Extraordinaire (see Honors blog: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/ebrownin/honors/) teaches this Honors (smaller enrollment) upper-division writing class in which Honors students prepare for their Capstone project and other rites of passage pertinent to the job search and grad/professional school application processes which await them.

Math 1597: Honors Calculus II
11-11:50 MTWThF

SW 1212: Honors Global Issues
9-10:15 T-Th Professor Denny Falk, Honors Associate and global citizen, teaches this Honors (smaller enrollment) seminar in which issues of global significance are addressed, and strategies for achieving global awareness are developed.

ECE 1501: Honors Seminar; Renewable Energy
Time/dates tba. McKnight Professor Tom Ferguson teaches this new course designed to allow students from all majors and backgrounds to understand their own current and future “energy footprint� and improve their relationship to the renewable and non-renewable energy sources of our troubled planet.