June 6, 2008

UMD Philosophy May Session Classes Ended!

Jason's Critical Thinking Class May 2008.jpg

Prof. Ford's Critical Thinking Class prepares for their final exam.

1021 may session 1.jpg

And Prof. Browning's Classical Mythology Class presents their creative and in some cases edible final projects. Both classes proving that UMD students are not only the smartest but also the best looking. Enjoy your summers ladies & gentlemen!

May 18, 2008

Philosophical Soccer Match!

Every seasoned philosopher has seen this, but I thought it might be worth posting (for the sake of any newcomers):

It takes on new meaning every time I watch it.

We celebrated!

Our colleague Casey McGinnis completed his Ph.D. this spring while teaching a raft of new classes at UMD. We celebrated his achievement at a party Friday May 16th, the night before UMD Commencement. So it was also a little bit of an end-of-the-year party. Philosophers Sean Walsh, David Cole, Jason Ford, Mark Newman, Eve Browning (hosting) and of course the guest of honor 'Exploding Philosopher' McGinnis were all in attendance, along with honorary department members Krista Twu, John Schwetman, and their sons. A number of our graduating seniors and other students also were able to attend.

casey cake.jpg

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