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Syllabus and Readings -- SOC 8735

Attached you will find a working copy of the class syllabus.

Books are available at Wilson Library Reserve or the bookstore of your choice.
Most other readings are journal articles readily availble on the library's website.

A few more difficult to find readings will be posted in .pdf form here:

Week 1, Williams.
Week 1, Wuthnow, Meaning and Moral Order.
Week 1, Alexander.
Week 1, Geertz, File 1.
Week 1, Geertz, File 2.

Week 1 Recommended, Wuthnow et alia, File 1.
Week 1 Recommended, Wuthnow et alia, File 2.

Week 2, Johnston.

Week 4, Friedland and Alford, File 1,
File 2, and File 3.

Week 5, Swidler.

Week 7, Alexander.

Week 9, Steinmetz.