Penny Edgell

About Me

Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Sociology
University of Minnesota


Religion Links:

For a general introduction to a wide variety of faith traditions and some good commentary, see Belief Net .

There are some good blogs that I visit a lot. One is The Immanent Frame, sponsored by SSRC -- it's intellectual, interdisciplinary, but directed to the "general educated reader." Religion in American History is also directed toward the general educated reader but a very different and more accessible style of commentary. I also follow the Baltimore Sun's religion blog, In Good Faith, and the one at the Washington Post, On Faith.

For data and research ideas, see:

American Religion Data Archive

The Material History of American Religion Project

The Pluralism Project

Public Radio and TV sources:

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

Speaking of Faith

Sunday on BBC

Sociology and Related Links:

American Sociological Association

ASA Culture Section

Midwest Sociological Society