Penny Edgell

About Me

Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Sociology
University of Minnesota

My Classes

SOC 4309 -- Religion and Public Life in the U.S. Click here for the syllabus.

SOC 3701 -- Social Theory
Click here for the syllabus.

SOC8790 -- Graduate Seminar, Sociology of Religion
Click here for the syllabus.

SOC8735 -- Graduate Seminar, Sociology of Culture
Click herefor the syllabus.

Resources for Students, Staff, and Professors at the University of Minnesota

The University provides support services to meet a variety of teaching- and learning-related needs of students, faculty, and staff.

The Mental Health Clinic at Boynton Health Service is available to students who have paid the Student Services Fee ( The Mental Health Clinic provides phone and walk-in assessment on an urgent basis, as well as scheduled medication evaluations and management, chemical health assessment and counseling, and individual, couples, and group therapy. Additional resources for the management of stress are available through the Health Promotion Department at Boynton Health Service.

University Counseling & Consulting Services ( provides confidential counseling programs with professional counselors who can help students address academic stresses, personal and relationship concerns, or feelings of anxiety or depression. Walk in counseling is available as is consultation for faculty and staff who are concerned about a student.

Disability Services ( provides assistance with academic accommodations for students with diagnosed, severe, and persistent mental health conditions. Consultation and problem-solving regarding disability issues is available for faculty, staff, and supervisors.

The "Assisting Students in Distress" ( website provides advice for faculty and staff to use when assisting students who are experiencing distress due to a variety of issues.

The "Understanding Today's Student" ( website contains a list of resources for faculty and staff which provides advice for faculty and staff who encounter students who may be experiencing a variety of mental health challenges, including depression.

The Center for Teaching and Learning ( provides a number of workshops and programs which are designed to help teaching assistants and faculty to deal with a variety of classroom situations, including those related to students who may have a mental illness or disability.

The Writing Center provides free writing instruction for all University of Minnesota students - graduate and undergraduate - at all stages of the writing process, through one-on-one sessions with trained writing teachers. Contact information: 306B Lind Hall, 625-1893 (