Afrika Tikkun

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We have been volunteering at Afrika Tikkun, which is located in a Township. The township is a place were people of color were place during the apartheid to kept white, black, indian, and other apart. Afrika Tikkun is a place were kids can come and be free, play sport and get a free meal (along with many other things). Being able to go into the township help me understand that their is still a struggle in South Africa. That the government has not fully dealt with, and a lot of individual are affected by it. We travel to the local hospital thats inside of the township, but I was not strong enough to go see all of the patients. Reason being my heart could never deal with individual who are sick, in need, and I can do anything about it, but look at them. We also went to a daycare which was my favorite part of the trip. I met a little girl no older then 2, we was having a very hard day. It was her first day at the center and she just cried, it was breaking my heart (I have a soft heart for children). The daycare provider was just telling her to be quiet. I just pick her up, and comfort her until she stop crying. That experience help me grow as a person, because I understood that people do not alway understand our problems but are quick to shut us up. If you truly want to reach someone you have to be understand, even if your having a hard time understanding. In all, I love Afrika tikkun and hopefully ill be able to come back, and have more life changing experiences.

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