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Being in Cape Town, I have learned to start caring for individual way more then I have in the past. Not saying that I don't care about people, but I just have a softer heart for my family, friends, and the children I work with. I never stop to help other that need it, unless it's volunteering. A group of us with out shopping at the Green Market, and great place to buy gift for our families. We stop to get some ice cream and just talk a while before we headed to the house. On our way home there was a little boy standing outside of KFC asking for food. Everyone just walk passed this nine-year-old boy, who was dirty and his shoes were falling apart. I couldn't, We couldn't, we stop and brought the boy food for him and his whole family. The only think I could think, was when I back home I never stop and give people money or buy them food. I just walk right pass them like there not in need. And that just like here everyone walk pass the little boy like he wasn't in need. I have learned to try to help who I can, because you will never know who really needs you.

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