Request Spring 2011 Online Course Sites Now!

This announcement is intended for all Spring 2011 Instructors:
(Email Sent Nov. 11th, 2010)

Are you planning on using an online course site for your Spring 2011 course?
If yes, you should create your online Moodle or WebVista site TODAY to get a head of the rush and start on getting your materials uploaded and for next semester. Don't leave this until winter break if you don't need to.

Request a WebVista course site:

**Please note that EVERY semester you must create a new Moodle or WebVista site for your course even if you have had a course in the past. For online sites you want COPIED into your Spring 2011 offering please remember to list the course name, section, semester and year. For Moodle sites you want to copy from previous semesters, you MUST include the course link from the site you want copied in the comments box. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about this.

Currently using WebVista?
Please consider creating a Moodle Development Site for your Spring or Fall courses in addition to a WebVista site to prepare for the Fall 2012 WebVista transition. In Fall 2010 Moodle will be the ONLY online course option so now is the PERFECT time to begin learning this new system if you aren't yet familiar with the different features and functionality.

Read more about Moodle Development Sites:
Get training on the Moodle platform from the UTTC (Spring 2011 training dates coming soon!)

Need assistance currently with any instructional technology support?
As always, let me know if anyone has any questions! I'm available via email ( throughout the week and for face to face consultation Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Fall 2010 semester.

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- Angela