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Request Spring 2011 Online Course Sites Now!

This announcement is intended for all Spring 2011 Instructors:
(Email Sent Nov. 11th, 2010)

Are you planning on using an online course site for your Spring 2011 course?
If yes, you should create your online Moodle or WebVista site TODAY to get a head of the rush and start on getting your materials uploaded and for next semester. Don't leave this until winter break if you don't need to.

Request a WebVista course site:

**Please note that EVERY semester you must create a new Moodle or WebVista site for your course even if you have had a course in the past. For online sites you want COPIED into your Spring 2011 offering please remember to list the course name, section, semester and year. For Moodle sites you want to copy from previous semesters, you MUST include the course link from the site you want copied in the comments box. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about this.

Currently using WebVista?
Please consider creating a Moodle Development Site for your Spring or Fall courses in addition to a WebVista site to prepare for the Fall 2012 WebVista transition. In Fall 2010 Moodle will be the ONLY online course option so now is the PERFECT time to begin learning this new system if you aren't yet familiar with the different features and functionality.

Read more about Moodle Development Sites:
Get training on the Moodle platform from the UTTC (Spring 2011 training dates coming soon!)

Need assistance currently with any instructional technology support?
As always, let me know if anyone has any questions! I'm available via email ( throughout the week and for face to face consultation Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Fall 2010 semester.

Stay up to date on instructional technology related news an announcements!
Visit the EdPsy IT Fellow blog:

- Angela

Request Summer and Fall 2010 Courses Now!

Are you teaching a summer or fall 2010 course in Educational Psychology? Now is the time to get your WebVista or Moodle course requested.


As always, let me know if anyone has any questions.

The deadline for Spring 2010 WebVista or Moodle Site Requests is Wednesday, December 30, 2009.

You can find the form and all information needed to get your sites requested on the EdPsy IT Fellow Google Site here:

Hello EdPsych faculty, staff and TAs,

I hope everyone made it through the last few days of rain. I wanted to check in with some updates and announcements to get ready for the upcoming Fall semester starting in just over two weeks (I cannot believe summer is almost over!!). There's a lot going on so please excuse the length.

1) Online Course Requests Deadline is Friday, August 28th to guarantee your site is ready for the start of the semester. Please get those in either through me or by filling out the information yourself on WebVista's homepage. If you haven't requested a site or filled out the Google form- You do not have a course. Please request it today if you need one.
2) I will be in the office next Mon-Wed and then I am out of town visiting the great state of Missouri Aug. 27-Sept 1st. Please plan accordingly with any questions that might need face to face assistance (I'll be available via email and on campus support will be arranged if needed). View my office hours:

3) The Fall 2009 UTTC Course Schedule is up and ready for registration. See what's available and feel free to inquire with me about particular areas of interest to you if you're looking for suggestions. And it's all FREE!

4) This summer I completed a project that I think everyone will find helpful when planning and implementing technology into your work. Check out the NEW EdPsy IT Fellow Website for information and links to just about everything you'll need for using technology in your courses.
Powered by Google Sites, a product soon to be supported by the University, you'll find links to the blog to get constant updates such as this email. You'll find all my contact information including my office hours and a calendar of events. You'll find information on all the technologies available to you on campus including an ongoing list of definitions and descriptions of technology words, tools and concepts. The site request form is embedded in the site and will be updated for each semester. And the best part, no login required! It's always open so feel free to book mark it and check out what's new anytime. Check it out today: is an ongoing project with many updates to follow- any and all feedback is always appreciated!

Hi Ed Psych Faculty, Staff and TA’s,

Are you teaching classes during Spring 2009? Will you be using an online course (WebVista or Moodle) to support your class with posted articles or other files, discussion rooms, or other online resources? It’s time to request your courses. You can get these courses setup one of two ways:

1) Fill out this form and I’ll request them for you:

2) Request them directly through the respective sites:

**Sites need to be requested by January 9th to guarantee first day of class availability

Also, I have setup an online calendar for my schedule of availability and office hours over the end of the semester as well as winter break availability. You can view it here:
I will update with any changes and utilize this schedule throughout next semester to note my office hours and events (I will email you about large changes). Please note the days I will be out of town and how I can be reached and plan accordingly.

Let me know if anyone has any questions! This information will also be posted on the blog so you can always find it.