Request Online Course Sites

Currently the university supports two content management systems for creating course sites, WebVista and Moodle

You may also request them directly through WebVista or Moodle using the following links
WebVista online course requests:
Moodle online course requests:

When requesting sites, please remember to include me as a designer so I can more easily assist you with your course should problems arise:

**Please note that EVERY semester you must create a new Moodle or WebVista site for your course even if you have had a course in the past. For online sites you want COPIED into your Spring 2011 offering please remember to list the course name, section, semester and year. For Moodle sites you want to copy from previous semesters, you MUST include the course link from the site you want copied in the comments box. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about this.

To fill out any of these forms you will need the following:

  • Name of course

  • Course designator (i.e. EPSY)

  • Section number

  • Your UMN x500

  • Information about TAs- this can be added later if you aren't sure right now

**If you are requesting to copy a course site you will need the course name, course designator (i.e. EPSY) and section number of the course you want to COPY as well as the above information from the upcoming course.

Please refer to the online course schedule if you do not have this information available