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TechSavvy Girls Project

Tech Savvy Girls

This out-of-school program uses sophisticated computer games (such as The Sims 2) and virtual worlds, (such as Second Life) to build tech-savvy skills, knowledge, and identities among girls from 5th to 12th grade. Girls meet at off-campus locations or at a university computer lab and work with local mentors to play games and create custom content using high-end computer programs such as Photoshop, Premiere, Contribute, and Dreamweaver as well as other game customization and modification tools. They develop skills in problem-solving, computational thinking, and other abilities that are foundational to formal study of computer science and the use of computer technology in a wide range of occupations.

The project focuses on identifying the various paths to becoming “tech-savvy� that are associated with computer and video gaming. The out-of-school girls’ clubs are designed to build girls’ tech-savvy skills, knowledge, and identities. These clubs make use of the participant’s interests in games and media creation to foster practices associated with, for example, modern science (e.g., hypothesis testing, modeling, and theory building), and that also are driving forces in technological and scientific innovation.

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