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Setting up your Moodle Sites for Students


I've received a few emails regarding setup and maintenance of Moodle sites so I've included some resources below.

You should review the Moodle start of semester checklist to review steps for:

  • Requesting a new site
  • Checking student lists
  • Adding students to course sites
  • Making your site open and available to students
  • Informing students of where and how to find the Moodle site for your course

Need help uploading materials to your site or adding new features such as activities, discussion forums and grade book functions? Checkout Spring 2010 Moodle training opportunities through UTTC.

Lastly, be sure to look at the Moodle news and announcements Site to learn about new features, useful tips, or scheduled downtime periods on Moodle. (UMN url shortening service)

The U has entered URL shortening services! Rather than using tinyurl or other link shortener services, you can use the U's website shortener program and retain a tag by using the new http.//! Watch the introduction video below for more information. For example, I shortened this blog to the following using this service:

Link to introduction video:

Link to homepage: (requires x.500 login)

Picture 2.png

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VideoANT Tutorial Posted on Moodle

With growing interest in VideoANT I've put together the first of many tutorial guides to get started using this annotation tool. You can view it on the EdPsy IT Fellow Moodle site:

*If you cannot access this site you have not setup your Moodle Account. Login to Moodle ( one time to activate your account and then send me an email to let me know you want to be added to this resource site. There are already materials up on the site for Clickers and more guides and resources are in the works.