November 12, 2009

RSVP TODAY- Class Capture Tools: Making Content Available Outside of Class

In an effort to better prepare faculty in the event of absent students (and absent instructors), Academic Technology Services has put together a Brown Bag Event for faculty, graduate assistants, teaching assistants and staff in CEHD to explore how technology can assist in making in class content available online.

Please join us next Thursday, November 19th in Room 325 from 10:30-12pm to discuss options available to you, see some examples, and provide you with resources for getting started with capturing your class content (and be ready to followup with me, your IT Fellow to put your ideas into action). To RSVP please send an email to Melissa Martyr-Wagner, Assistant Director of Academic Technology:

Feel free to email me, the EdPsy IT Fellow, with any questions:


October 16, 2009

Technology Training at NEW Coffman Union Tech Stop!

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is pleased to announce three technology training options being offered at no charge through the Coffman Union Tech Stop. Tech Stop is a hub for students, faculty, and staff to receive face-to-face technology consultations, support and training. For more information see the Tech Stop Web site at

These concise 15-20 minute training sessions are limited to four participants and focus on practical, take-away knowledge. Tech Learning Byte topics will vary each semester. Current topics include:

* Excel Charts

* Transitioning to Google Mail

For more information and to register for a Tech Learning Byte visit our training Web site at

Tech Tutoring provides an opportunity to schedule an appointment with an instructor to learn specific skills or concepts, such as how to create a table of contents in Word or how to build a quiz in WebVista. Participants are encouraged to bring their project files as well as their laptop (if available). Appointments are currently available on these topics:

* MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

* Google Apps

* WebVista

* Moodle

To register for a 30-minute appointment visit our training Web site

When a new technology is introduced or a major software update takes place that affects the entire University community, UTTC will offer Tech Previews. Tech Preview sessions are typically 1-2 hours in length and focus on broad topics, such as:

* Google Apps: Collaborating in the University Environment:

* Other new enterprise-wide services

For more information and to register for a Tech Preview visit our training Web site at

To learn more about OIT’s Technology Training visit

October 10, 2009

Education Technology Workshop: Using Web 2.0 Tools

OIT, in partnership with the University of Minnesota Libraries and collegiate units, is pleased to announce a pilot of a new free program for faculty, staff and graduate students: the Educational Technology Workshop (ETW). The focus of this year's ETW will be "Web 2.0" tools and pedagogies, including blogging, microblogging, syndication, podcasting, video sharing, online collaboration and social networking. The ETW will meet each Tuesday morning from 9-11am over six weeks (October 13-November 17) in Fall 2009. There are no prerequisites for participation and all levels of technology expertise are welcome.

For those interested in creating effective technology rich learning environments, exciting new opportunities emerge on a nearly daily basis. This rapidly expanding suite of tools challenges us to understand each new tool's potential for enhancing learning and determine how best to integrate a suite of such tools to create an effective learning environment. The ETW is designed to help participants meet these challenges head on. The goals for participants are:

* to develop a flexible method for exploring and evaluating the utility of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning environments; and

* to master an effective process for designing technology-rich learning activities that includes planning, engagement, and evaluation.

The ETW will meet each Tuesday morning from 9-11am over six weeks (October 13 - November 17). Each participant will work in a small team to help design and deliver one class session. Because the ETW is participant driven, an additional hour or two per week outside of class will be required to prepare for each session. Those who complete the workshop satisfactorily will receive a certificate of accomplishment. For more details, and to register, go to

August 3, 2009

IT Fellow Aug 2009 Announcements: Availablity, Course Requests, Training

I have a few announcements for the month of August regarding my availability, Fall 2009 Course Requests and information on technology training opportunities coming up in August/Early September.

1) My availability over the next two weeks is quite sporadic. I will be available via email today, Aug 3rd and tomorrow, Aug 4th but then I am out of town at a conference Aug 5th-9th and won't be checking my email much. If you need any assistance during this time, please send me an email ( and either myself or another IT Fellow member in CEHD will get back to you to assist with your particular issue. Next week, Aug 10th-Aug 14th, I am in IT Fellow workshop training each morning/early afternoon so I will have email access but no in-office hours due to meetings. If you need face to face assistance please send me an email and it can be arranged in the afternoon hours.

I will see if I can figure out a better way to communicate my availability for the remainder of the summer and the school year if possible as I too prepare for the Fall semester. But you can almost always reach me via email during the week and I'm never too far from the building to pop over for face to face assistance.

2) There have been lots of course requests so far from faculty getting prepared for the upcoming semester. If you have yet to request your Fall 2009 courses you should consider getting those requests in to make sure you have plenty of time to set them up before the Fall semester starts. You can find information on setting up your Fall 2009 courses here:

3) Interested in learning more about some of the technology available to you at the U during August? Check out some of the training options at the University Technology Training Center:
Here are couple that might be of interest to those new to course management systems- you can register on the website.
Fri, Aug 7th: WebVista 4: Creating Basic Course Web Sites (seats still available for registration)
Tues, Sept 1: Moodle 1.9: Creating Basic Course Web Sites
*Stay tuned for new courses available on many topics for the Fall 2009 semester.

As always don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have questions, need assistance, or not sure where to direct your technology related question. Even if I can't help I'll try to put you into contact with someone who can. And, this email along with other IT Fellow communication is available on the EdPsy IT Fellow Blog 24/7:

Have a great Monday everyone!


February 20, 2009

CEHD Introductory Video Workshop- March 5th (RSVP Now!)

We have decided to offer a 2-hour introductory workshop, led by Pete McCauley, on video production tools that are available to the academic community here in CEHD.
The primary focus of this workshop will be editing and sharing your videos; i.e. using iMovie and adding your video to a blog / website / Moodle page.

This is an informal event that will take place in 355 Peik Hall on Thursday March 5th, from 3:30 until 5:30PM. We will hopefully offer more of these in the future. Peik 355 has 30 Mac workstations with all the software we’ll need; if you have any video files you might like to experiment with feel free to bring them – otherwise, we’ll just use some sample footage. If you have cameras that you use and would like to see how they integrate with the editing software in the lab, feel free to bring them as well.
See outline for details on this workshop

**Please RSVP to if you wish to attend.**

Feel free to forward this email to other folks within CEHD that you think would benefit from this workshop. There is no fee involved, and if there is enough interest perhaps we will make this an ongoing event.

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August 27, 2008

Turning Point Training through UTTC- Oct. 8th

Register now for upcoming training on Turning Point (clicker technology) through the University Technology Training Center (UTTC)! Space will fill up quick so get your spot now!

Turning Point 2008 Basics
Date: Wed, October 8th
Time: 9am-10am or 1-2pm
Location: Blegen 90
**Click here to register for one of these Turning Point Basic sessions through UTTC

This 1-hour course covers the basics skills needed to setup and use TurningPoint 2008.
Topics Include:
* choosing hardware and software settings
* creating basics presentations
* inserting objects
* tracking participants
* running presentations
* generating basic reports
* best practices

Turning Point 2008 Advanced (Basic required first)
Date: Wed, October 8th
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Location: Blegen 90
**Click here to register for this Turning Point Advanced session through UTTC

This 1-hour course covers how to enhance your presentation and take advantage of the advanced features of TurningPoint 2008.
Topics Include:
* using pictures instead of textual answers
* creating and running competitions
* using a demographic slide to show how specific groups respond
* using priority ranking to allow weighted responses to a question
* comparing the responses of several slides
* using the parser to create presentations
* managing sessions
* generating advanced reports

PREREQUISITES: Knowledge equivalent to: TurningPoint 2008: Basics

Turning Point Anywhere 2008: Basics
Date: Wed, October 8th
Time: 2:30-3:30am
Location: Blegen 90
*Click here to register for this Turning Point Anywhere Course through UTTC

This 1-hour course covers the basics skills needed to setup and use TurningPoint Anywhere 2008. TurningPoint Anywhere allows users to poll from content in any PC application including web browsers, PDFs, Word documents, and more.
Topics Include:
* choosing software settings
* running and managing a polling session
* tracking participants