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This review is about Blogpress, an iOS app available on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. This short review will be written and compiled entirely on the iPad to showcase the (hopeful) ease of blogging using the iPad and even highlight some potential drawbacks. I attempted a Blogpress review a few months ago and encountered serious issues with app crashes and minimalistic features which ended my pursuit of this app. But, six months later and blogging apps for mobile platforms are still so few and far between so I had no choice but to try Blogpress again (because using the iPad to blog, for me, would allow me to blog more knowing I can be so mobile and blog from ANYWHERE).

So, to start, the Blogpress interface. Below is an image taken from inside the app while writing a previous post. View more interactive Blogpress photos here:

You can see it's pretty simple and straight forward. On the left hand side you see all your blog posts including those published and those still in draft form. You can also save posts at any point while writing either up to your blog server (we're connected to the U's Moveable Type blog system) or locally on the iPad allowing you to come back later and continue where you left off.

Inserting Photos and Videos
This is a challenge on the iPad if you're used to blogging on a computer because in Blogpress there is no ability to grab, drag or resize images with the click of your finger. The images you are viewing in this post have been created with the help of screen grabs that save the image into my iPad photo collection and to make edits such as rotating, resize, etc. I edit the images in Photoshop for iPad. Due to this, in find I use less photos because it is quite a laboring task.

So, this might be the tipping point for some in their choice of using Blogpress on the iPad. There are currently only HTML functions available to edit text (I.e. Bold, underline, insert links, etc.)- photo below. And to add these functions you need to select the piece of text you want to emphasize. Using a mouse on a computer, we all do this often, on an iPad, yeah it is a bit tricky to grab just the right amount of words you want to bold or underline. But, once you get used to it, and use it sparingly it's quite easy.

Blog platforms compatible with Blogpress

With a $2.99 price tag and the ease of use, lack of crashes and easy integration with just about every blog platform around, I consider this a must buy if you're a blogger with an iPad. My guess is it will only get better. This entire post- time it took to write- approximately 30 min.n


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