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Our favorite use of Apple iPad - Traveling


iBooks / FlightTrack iBooks, Free, FlightTrack $4.99
App Store

USA Today, Free
App Store

Videos, included in iPad

Target for iPad, Free
App Store

Reeder for iPad, $4.99
App Store

iSpeak Finnish, $1.99
App Store

iCurrency Pad, $0.99
App Store

Angry Birds HD, $4.99
App Store

Pinnball HD, $0.99
App Store

Solitaire Classics HD, $1.99
App Store

Labyrinth 2 HD, $7.99
App Store

Real Racing HD, $9.99
App Store

goodreaderGHTTP.pngPeople have asked me many times how to save PDF files to their iPad that they view online. If you have the GoodReader app on your iPad then this is very simple. When you open a PDF file with Safari just add the letter g in the front of the address and hit Go. Trust me, that's all there is to it. That PDF will then automatically download into GoodReader.

Here are step-by-step instructions from the makers of GoodReader.

To save a file from Safari to GoodReader:

• open the file of interest in Safari
• tap Safari's address bar (the keyboard will appear)
• go to the very beginning of the file's URL address, where the http:// or https:// part is
• add a single letter g in front of the address, so you'll get ghttp:// or ghttps:// instead of http:// or https://
• press Go on the keyboard (this will close Safari and start GoodReader)
• the file will start to download into GoodReader automatically (check Web Downloads section to find it)

When I first stumbled across AppStart for the iPad I have to admit that my jaw dropped. Literally dropped. This is the app I have been looking for to provide in response to the question "what should I use my iPad for?" or "Angela, I'm addicted to Angry Birds and I use the Internet all the time but what else should I be using my iPad for?" (that last one was from my own mother a few days ago who like many received this shiny new toy over the holidays). These are the questions of the newbie, beginner, or just curious iPad user who wants to see what all they can do and what is possible with the iPad. More than that, the question of "HOW" to do all these things on the iPad that some of us take for granted that we just seem to understand and have tons of time to play around. My answer- Download the $.99 app called APPSTART. In addition to being a helpful app, it's one of the coolest apps operationally speaking in terms of how you click on each section and interact with the app itself as you learn and review each section.

What is AppStart? (from the AppAdvice homepage-creators of Appstart)
AppStart is meant to help you get the most out of your iPad by not only filtering through the over 50,000 iPad apps out there but by also providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to fully utilize the apps themselves.

AppStart consists of four scrolling pages packed with tons of content to help the non-techies out there get the most out of their iPads. It starts off with the basics, offering up the top 10 apps you absolutely have to download before doing anything else, and then progresses into more advanced topics like how to replace your laptop with your iPad or how to print with no strings attached.

Each article was carefully crafted by our AppAdvice team to ensure that even the most basic user is able to follow along. Articles feature tons of screenshots so you know exactly what to look for, detailed instructions, fun tips, and app icons and direct links to mentioned apps so you can easily find and download them from the App Store.

If you try out AppStart and like it, I recommend the $1.99 app called AppAdvice to receive constant updates about tips, tricks, how toss, app recommendations, and countless other helpful tools for using your iPad.

- posted using Blogpress for iPad

To me, I feel the primary use of an iPad is content consumption and much that has been written about the iPad, even on this blog, has been related to this concept. However there is a lot to be said for using iPads as communication tools, interacting with others, just as computers have been for years. I thought a post discussing some tools and apps for interacting with others through the iPad would be helpful because there are many great uses.
skype-icon.png icon_implus1.jpg  imoicon.pngmailicon.jpg 201101031430.jpg

I should start by saying that when communicating with others online through Internet communication I use email through Google, online chat (text, audio, video) through Skype and occasionally Google Talk for those friends and family members that have yet to discover Skype or those who prefer to stay logged in to the online Google email system and find Gtalk easily available. I also maintain blogs when I want to provide information about myself or topics of interest to me to a broad audience to view as they please. I don't use Facebook, I don't Twitter, I don't use Myspace, I don't use AOL/AIM, Yahoo, MSN or any other available platform out there currently and it works for me. I like to keep things simple so to speak. But I do, however maintain MANY Google email accounts, and about 3 Skype accounts because I am a person who emphasizes and practices boundaries between personal, professional and everything in between. I appreciate the ability to control how my personal and professional selves are made available to others and maintained online as we enter a time of increasingly greater online relationships and interactions.

That beings said there are four or five applications (six if we count Blogpress which has already been reviewed here) that allow me to communicate and interact with others using the platforms described above.
*NOTE: I'm also an iPhone user so a lot of my communication is done through my iPhone (email, SMS/texts, and Skype especially). But I go back and forth with each device depending on the current need and ease of my desired function at that time.

IPad Email Application (free and pre-installed on the iPad)
For me, the iPad Apple Mail Application is one of the best tools for mobile communication out there, even ahead of the Mail application on the iPhone because of the larger keyboard in the iPad. Throw in the ability to setup Exchange email accounts to keep Email, Calendar and Contacts in sync, this is a home run app!

Read more about setting up Exchange Accounts on the U of M servers.

Google/Safari (free)Safari for iPad AppSo easy, so great, so self explanatory. Login, check email, write email, send email. On the iPad, the Google Mail application is just great! Bonus is the ease of integration with Google talk that just pops up in a second window. Winner of an app!

But, some might wonder why you would go to the online version when you can just use the built in Mail features. One reason- using an iPad that isn't yours, you wouldn't just setup a Google account in the other person's Mail application. Another, for someone like me, I use a lot of the Google Apps features in addition to mail such as Reader, Blogger, Google Talk, etc. And I also have MANY Google accounts. Online, you can get everything Google for that one account in one place.

Skype (free)Skype for iPad, iPhone, iPod TouchWhere do I begin with Skype? First, I should mention that Skype has yet to produce an iPad version on their iOS App. So how do you use it on the iPad? The cool thing about apps made for iPhones is that they can be viewed on the iPad in either native form (tiny screen size of the iPhone) or they can be blown up and stretched into iPad size. This is not the case for all iPad apps on iPhones though unless the app has been enabled for both platforms (denoted by a + sign next to the app in the Apple App Store.)

Skype on the iPad, well it is simply Skype as we know and love. Chat with other Skype contacts, use audio, text, your Skype credits work to call regular phones. It's Skype but on the iPad. AND, as of January 1, 2010 Skype video came to iOS!

For iPhone users this was huge especially those who are using 3GS model iPhones without the front facing camera and Facetime abilities. On the iPad this is neat for many reasons, though all of which, currently, can only center on the receiving of video on iPads. For instructors you could record your live lecture on your computer using Skype and send the feed to students on their iPads. I really enjoy Skype and features such as video on mobile platforms continue to take this app forward.

IM Chat Apps- IM+ vs imo.imIM+ iPad App imo.im App
Lastly, like me, many people manage multiple email, IM, and Skype Accounts. Mobile Platforms such as the iPad are doing a great job allowing us to integrate these multiple accounts into a single application. Two I have tried and like are
IM+ (free and paid Pro versions) and imo.im (free).
IM+ Pro screen grab

imo.im screen grab

Personally, I find imo.im to be better for the interface and account controls. In IM+ Pro, I can't seem to find a way to view my IM contacts on Glogle or Skype without making myself "available" for chat. In IMO there is the simple "view offline buddies" option. That might seem like a small feature but we all have this online "friends" that message us the second they see us pop up online. IMO allows me to have greater control. I need to spend more time with both to see which one I prefer. For now, Skype is my primary app for chats but the more people move to Google, the more Google Talk is being used.

- posted using Blogpress for iPad

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