10 Crazy Ideas


1. Herb garden
2. Urinal a la Duchamp
3. Baby changing table
4. Lever 2000 model
5. Desk
6. Worm Farm-- Composting sink
7. hot water flowing under basin and helping dry dishes more quickly
8. griddle
9. light under counter, light table, backlighting
10. musical counter/keyboard, speakers


Hi Brittany,

I can see that you followed the process outlined in the assignment (watch something funny, make a mindmap, come up with ideas) but your ideas aren't totally clear to me since you wrote them more like notes to yourself? The pictures help a little bit as do the references to what the product would do (like the dish drying system) but I'm not really sure what a "lever 2000 model" is or what a griddle has to do with the sink ... but I do think your ideas are clever and silly - worm farm is great, or putting a baby changing table near(?) the sink.

I'm agreeing with the above comment; I don't totally follow your ideas. A little more elaboration on the ideas would be nice to see, even if it's just 'a griddle that fits in your sink'. Your mindmap has a number of good connections though. I especially like how you got to politics, but then wrapped that back around to the policy of sinks. This was a good example of the association techniques.

I think I follow your product ideas, but I'm not exactly sure. A little description to go along with them would help me understand their association with sink. I like your desk idea. I assume that is a reference to having a sink at a desk. I'd like to have a sink near my desk (then I could pour out drinks before they want to start growing mold or if I just didn't like my drink). I do like your mind map. As previously mentioned, you made several good connections. Connections are something I struggled a little with. Using different colors in the mind map seemed to help a little, although I used different colors to represent different iterations of my mind map. I look forward to hearing more of your ideas.

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