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This is a list of problems I'd like to solve (mostly product related):

a way to pay without a ticket in pay per lots on campus

not needing to carry around ID/wallet

having a way to time your phone to turn the ringer to settings based on the type of event on your phone/computer's calendar, or being able to set the ring tone to silent, vibrate, low, high, when you set an event in your calendar

keeping headlights from blinding you in the rearview (stole this one from Nancy)

making allergy medication and other ongoing or seasonal medications, to be automated, or part of something else you do every day so you don't have to remember to take them. For example, having a sensor that measures air quality and reminds you to take meds based on the air quality.

a cure to pet allergies

getting all winemakers to use consistent closures to preserve quality
knowing what a wine is like before you open it

having a difficult time shipping wine and beer over various state and international borders

dog shedding... I love Osita more than most things in this world, but we have to fix the shedding, and make clean-up non-existent

a pleasant and easy way to wash dogs that doesn't scar them (I've heard the powder wash is helpful)

water filters that work on any cup
jeans that dry quickly
seats (benches, bike seats) that can get rained on and not get your butt wet
normal pants or jeans that are still comfortable after a big meal or while traveling, but still look good
pantyhose that don't rip
an easy way to remove nail polish
more general versions of applications for paperwork, so you don't have to rewrite the same ideas and content for things over and over for basically the same thing (jobs, grants, university and federal bureaucracy)
a way to electronically sign things in a universal, secure and simple way
a way to electronically buy things in a universal, secure and simple way
a way to carry or store books that are heavy that you need to shlep for each class
a simple and easy way to print pages in kindle and related tools (hack?)
a better and more efficient way to store and use keys than a key chain

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I'm just going to comment on the ethnography and bug lists here. I was really impressed by the professionals you sought out. I worry that your fixation on drain mechanics led to leading the witness a little bit. But to be fair, I wasn't there.
Looking to ikea for their solution was a nice move.
Was horrible bosses any good?

My interpretation of bug lists is slightly different than yours. You seem to be identifying product market gaps:

"a way to electronically sign things in a universal, secure and simple way
a way to electronically buy things in a universal, secure and simple way"

Seems to me the idea is more to find specific objects or systems that are flawed.
Granted your bugs are all bugs so it works.

Kindle printing hack would be super handy.

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