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I asked my 3 roommates about their experience with the drain catches we use. We use a wire mesh drain catch on our bathroom bath and basin drains, which is the same as the pictures from my stylist's sink. They said they are all frustrated with having to constantly clean out the mesh on their own, and often other peoples' hair and gunk, who might forget, or neglect, to do it themselves.

We use a traditional sink drain catch, the little stainless cups with holes and a button in the middle to close the drain, in our two basins in the kitchen. I forgot to take a picture of it. They expressed frustration with people leaving food gunk in them after they wash dishes or cook. They also said the ones we use now are old and aren't great at keeping water from slipping into the drain slowly, which is a waste of water.

I found that someone would chime in on the focus group questions, and then everyone else would agree and augment those thoughts. It was hard to keep everyone from agreeing and directing the conversation based on what different people said, instead of sticking to the questions I asked.

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