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This idea wallet will continue to build as the semester progresses:

Another big idea is to train dogs in another language. All of Osa's commands are in Spanish, so hears them distinctly from what other dogs are told to do, she doesn't listen to that, she pays more attention to non-verbal cues, hand motions, and facial expression and intent. She also pays more attention to a smaller number of people who know those commands, and she is more loyal to those people. I know there are downsides to this. I'm trying to learn and teach French commands for her now. More on Osa in the bug list.

My second big idea is to express that my dog is the best footwarmer I've ever encountered. It doesn't matter where I am, washing dishes in the kitchen, eating dinner at our dining room table, or lying in bed: Osita loves to follow me around and lay on my feet. She is a German Shepherd, so she is like having self-generated warmth, a soft fur blanket, and not-to-heavy weight and conformity on top of my feet when they are cold. There's got to be a way to duplicate those traits.

My first happy idea for the wallet is this 3M produced highlighter and tag dispenser in one. I thought it was an interesting variation for us to consider in light of our tape dispenser assignment:


I'm going to add more picture links later, but here are some other places where I get ideas, things I read on a regular basis. I find that a lot of design concepts come from unrelated sources. If I am well-read in various periodicals who are known for being curious and innovative I will learn about new ideas in all disciplines:


Food ideas:

Fashion ideas:

I have some friends that I consider especially creative, and I asked them what they like to read. I will continue to build this list as well:

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