Interview 2 in Drain Protector ethnography-Barista

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I interviewed Keith, my barista at Dogwood Espresso, about his view of drain protectors. He actually studied a sort of interior product design at Dunwoody, so his view on drains is more technical and specific. He corrected my terminology for drain catch as a piece of plumbing under the sink, rather than the drain protector. He also designed the interior of Dogwood, and made a lot of the aesthetic and practical choices for the business. Here is the drain protector style he uses at Dogwood:


This is similar in look to what my stylist described for her inverted stainless drain, except it is flat, and sits on top of the drain. This is also similar to the industrial restroom sinks I saw at a hospital and bus station this weekend, except those aren't removable, and this one is removable. Again, they are small enough to protect from hair and large objects, and large enough for liquids, and probably coffee grounds, to slip through.

Keith also employs a type of drain protector on their espresso machine, similar to the kind on ice/soda machines at fast food restaurants:


He said he wouldn't really consider this a drain protector, but a sort of tray, but I think it is just a different way to think about a drain protector in shape and size and form, so I'm including it in my observations. He said he thinks that the two pieces do their job and work well for his uses at the shop, he didn't have any changes to make.

I plan to speak with Andrew at Kopplin's about his sinks after this assignment, since he's designing a new shop. I want to hear his thoughts of moving from a space that was pieced together, to a place he will design to suit the possibilities and needs of both coffee and food preparation, since they require different types and numbers of sink/basin.

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