Ladurée and Le Macaron

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Ladurée's history of le macaron:

More background on le macaron from Paris By Mouth:

Not to be confused with macaroons, which are coconut chewy cookies, le macaron are gorgeous, almond flour/egg white meringue-y clouds sandwiching jelly/gel/frosting or ganache.

I did brainstorm options for making my own spin on macaron, since the flavor and color manipulations are so pure. However, this was a big trend about a year and a half ago in the food world, so this didn't seem very "new" to me.

Anything McDonald's has decided to sell probably isn't original or novel anymore. Novel was a criteria, but only when combined with some usefulness. When I think about practical cooking, I see the smiling face of Mark Bittman, The Minimalist of the NYTimes, who is now an opinion writer for the times and blog-er/organizer at his site


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