Suggest at least two problems, opportunities, needs, or areas for improvement/change


1) Drain protectors need to be both easy and un-yucky to clean, and work well to keep gunk out of the drain.

2) Drain protectors seem like they should be a natural or included part of every sink. My stylist described a type of permanent drain protector that screwed into the drain, and I kind of knew what she was talking about, or have seen versions of what she described. However, she said that drain protector didn't work very well and wasn't practical. It needs to be simple a la Occam's razor.

3) This seems to be a product that people shouldn't have to think about, it should just work. I think that it is not in the interest of drain makers, however, to keep things from clogging the drain. Drain makers sell more drains if they get used and clogged, right? What incentive does the market have to fix this problem?


I wonder how well the Target suction cup would work, if there's a gap that everything that hits the sink can go down, it seems like it would only stop big things and you'd have to try to save them from going down the sink when you want to clean it.

I have a double basin sink at my house, on one side the protector blocks the drain (I don't think it's meant for my sink) or else it lets all the stuff through. The other side had a garbage disposal up until my roommate turned it on with something in it and burnt the motor out (that thing was awesome, I never had to worry about cleaning off plates).

What is the target hole size for letting stuff down the sink? It might be different depending on where the sink is being used. It seems like a toss up between water speed and catching everything.

Good work on getting lots of variety in your research, Baristas probably have different protectors than a hair salon and your kitchen.

This is a great topic, kind of wish I would have thought of it.

Another thing to maybe think about is the ease of cleaning a the drain itself. sometimes you have to take out a screw just to get a little snake down the drain, and if it was easier to take out, it might get cleaned more often.

Not that I'm an expert at drains or plumbing for that matter, but I don't agree with your statement in #3... I don't think there are 'drain-makers' that sell more drains because of clogs, so I do think there is a lot of incentive for manufacturers of sinks, to think about this more thoroughly. If anything... maybe plumbers pay them off so they can stay in business...

I don't quite understand the differences between your 3 opportunities, to me they are all saying the same thing; make it simple to clean.

I know it may be solving the wrong problem, but I think there are also opportunities for developing products that assist in cleaning, or even make it enjoyable. Or perhaps to divert hair from getting in the sink in the first place.

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