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I think your drain stopper ball has legs (as they say), especially after you showed me the sketch model in class today. It would have been nice to see a photo of it here, along with the ladybug drain cover. I'm not sure what these photos are of but I'm guessing they're the drain cover with the crank that you can turn to clean it? That's another intriguing idea. Those drain covers can get pretty grungie.

There are three ideas here but I'm not seeing the other seven ideas you have that you didn't do sketch models of but still needed to do some benchmarking and feasibility research on (sorry about that kind of clumsy sentence). You might want to look around and see what others did to get an idea of what you're missing here. The 2x2 process is actually pretty interesting and can give you an idea of what other products are out there and what they cost. Or maybe you're not done with this blog entry yet?

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