Concept Selection and Idea Pitch

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                                  Novel Cost Feasible Marketable Staying Power     Total
drain protector               s        s        s              s                      s                5S
corn mesh                     s        s         s             +                      +                3S, 2+
enzymes                        -        -         s              +                      +                2-, 1S, 2+
shaver                           +        -         s              -                       -                 3-, 1S, 1+
pet monster                   +        -         -              -                       -                  4-, 1+
flo-bee                           +        -         +             s                       -                 2-, 1S, 2+
flat screen                      -        s         s             s                       s                1-, 4S
mesh drain ball              +        s        +             +                       s                2S, 3+
design cover                  +        s        s              s                       s                4S, 1+
drain mill                        +        s        s              +                      +                2S, 3+

brainstorm some product names:
corn mesh= The Corn Cob Compostable Drain Cleaner
enzymes= Everyday Green Drain Machine
shaver= The Drain Hair Mower
pet monster/worm composter in drain= Feed ME, Green Drain Composter
flo-bee= The Drain Monster
flat screen= Custom Drain Protector
mesh drain ball= Woofle Ball Drain Guard
design cover= Build-your-own Designer of the Drain!
drain mill= The Daily Grind Drain Mill

My chosen idea, The Daily Grind Drain Mill, came about by thinking about how food always gets caught in the sink drain protector, and it's gross. I don't like cleaning other people's weird gunk out of the sink and pounding it loudly against the side of the garbage to get it emptied. Then I thought about how a food mill looks like a drain, except it has a series of interchanging blades on the bottom that grind particles into liquid. Why couldn't we use the same concept for a drain?

I went to the hardware store and tried to find parts, such as a handle to turn the blade on the drain. I asked the the guy helping me at the store if he had handles or cranks. He brought me to the kitchen section and pointed me to a life size food mill. Wow, that was not at all what I was looking for. Then I glanced to the left and saw.... a flour sifter! Yes! That is the same concept, only it is the size of a drain. So I took the stuff home, disassembled the flour sifter and repurposed it for the sketch model. (see images below)

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