Sketch Model Research

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10 of my most promising ideas:

For my sketch models, I chose to make:
-a mesh ball with weights to fit in most types of sinks. ($3.99)
Novel- Yes, it passes the trendy houseware gadget test at Target, people would buy it because it was novel.
Marketable- Yes, I believe so.
Feasible- I built a version of it, but I want to toy with it more. It isn't the right size or built with quite the right weight and screen.

-a drain screen with food-mill type attachment to process large particles and to help clean the screen. ($7.99)
Novel: This is my favorite idea because it is novel and cross-product in a useful way.
Marketable I've received feedback from lots of people that they thought it was a good idea, not in the me asking them way, but by showing them and having friends and strangers say, "hey, that's cool! I would buy that," out of a handful of ideas that I showed them.
Well, since I built one, and it seems to work, I think it is feasible!

-personified drain screens, that you could design to look like anything. ($.99 each, or in a kit, $4.99) for example, ladybugs, monsters eating what fell into the drain, or venus fly traps (like my biomimicry).
Novel: I've never seen anything like this.
Marketable: People love customizing things, but it's kind of a gross thing to start as a ladybug, and end up covered in muck. I think it would be easier to sell at first, and harder to get people to buy them again.
Feasible: This idea is inexpensive, and I think China is meant for a project like this because it would require lots of cheap plastic components.

I tested these sketch models with my roommates, which I know doesn't quite fit the non-friend test, but two of them are professional designers, and they are never afraid to disagree with me, and did have criticism, so I felt it was a good first market test.

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