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Petrol Explosion in Kenya Kills 100

A truck carrying petrol exploded and killed over 100 people and injured at least 27 in Molo, Kenya early Sunday, CNN reported.
After the truck spilled petrol, residents were lined up trying to get the fuel for an hour before it exploded.
While the BBC reported that officials do not know how the fire started, Titus Mung'ou. a Red Cross representative out of 80 sent to help, told CNN that one of the residents likely started the fire by lighting a cigarette or fire near the crash.
"There is the need to strengthen the capacity in handling fires," Mung'ou told CNN.
Upset Kenyans perceived this to be "a lack of disaster preparedness," (CNN) and this is the second incident within four days. 80 miles away in the country's capitol, Nairobi, 27 were killed Wednesday in a supermarket fire and 57 are still missing.