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Edina Realty Sued for Keeping Murder in Sold House Secret

A couple sued Edina Realty for not telling them a murder took place in the house they bought, the Star Tribune reported.

Abdelhafid and Kathryn Fajri's thought their new home had more than they had hoped for, from a spacious backyard to finished carpets and walls inside, until a neighbor informed the couple of the murder. The husband killed the previous owner in the house.

The Fajris then filed a lawsuit in Anoka County District Court, arguing Edina Realty knew about the murder and should have told them about it as a material fact pertaining to the house.

"They think they bought a lemon. They feel they were duped," said Martin Melang, the couple's attorney. (Star Tribune)

The company had no comment on the pending litigation, Maria Verven, Edina Realty spokeswoman said Friday.

Minnesota law requires licensed real estate agents to disclose anything about the house which may prevent enjoyment or affect any uses. Real estate agents and sellers should generally inform prospective buyers when a murder has taken place on the property, experts said.

"There are some exemptions, but murder isn't one of them," said Chris Galler, chief operating officer for Minnesota Association of Realtors. "If a licensee is aware of a murder and the seller is aware, they both have an obligation." (Star Tribune)