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Madagascar Cyclone Kills 9

The New York Times reported that at least 9 people have been killed and more than 33,300 homes were destroyed by a tropical cyclone on Madagascar, the authorities said Friday.

The cyclone, Jade, landed Monday in the northeastern region of the vast island and has now moved on, leaving enough rain to heighten fears of serious floods.

CNN additionally reported that Jade's winds of 69 mph cut power, which made it difficult to asses damage levels.

"No one has been able to get there yet. There is no electricity, no telephone. We know nothing about what happened there," said Didier Young, emergency coordinator for the humanitarian group CARE. (CNN)

However, some information has come about the strom, from a man who rode out on his motorcycle. He explained that the roads are impassable by car because of heavy damage, Young said.

Young and other CARE workers hope to take a helicopter over the hardest-hit areas later Monday, because bad weather prevented them to do so earlier, he said.

Young said many people in Madagascar, with about a 19.4 million population, live in huts.

"The huts are not very strong," he said. "The houses are made of local materials." (CNN)

As of noon, the storm had weakened and was moving southwest over land, according to AccuWeather.com.

In January, at least 9 people died and more than 20,000 lost their homes after two cyclones hit the island, the New York Times reported. Cyclone Ivan made landfall on the island's northeastern coast with sustained winds near 70 mph (111 km/h), according to the Typhoon Warning Center, CNN reported.