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Decision Guide for Late Season N in HRSW

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As prices for liquid UAN (28-0-0) have risen sharply the decision guide for late season N in HRSW had became outdated. The updated guide allows for N prices up to $1.00 per pound of actual N. This would equate to roughly $ 3.00 gallon for liquid UAN.

Some things to remember when you contemplating a late season application of N in HSRW are:

  • Apply up to 10 gpa of 28-0-0 with an equal amount of water - the water is needed to reduce leafburn;

  • DO NOT apply during the heat of the day - early evening application reduce leafburn considerably;

  • DO NOT tankmix this N with any fungicides at Feekes 10.51, but rather apply the additional N 2 to 5 days after anthesis;

  • The probability of a response by the crop is about 80%;

  • Only expect an increase of 0.5 to 1.0 full point in grain protein with the additional 30 lbs N/A;

  • All varieties respond equally well to the additional N;

Use the to determine whether an economic return is possibly in relationship to the price of the 28-0-0.
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Aphids in Small Grains and Soybeans: an update from NW MN

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update prepared by Dr. Ian MacRae, UMN Extension Entomologist, NWROC-Crookston

Many field projects are underway and we're scouting small grain and soybean fields to stay on top of what is happening with aphid populations in these crops. Following are comments based on what our field visits are revealing in northwest Minnesota.

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