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Capturing $-Value from Manure & Alfalfa Nutrients

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by Dan Martens, Extension Educator in Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties
WORKSHOPS in Little Falls March 8, Foley March 19, Melrose March 20
     At each site the workshop will start with registration at 9:30 a.m.; program starts at 10 a.m.; lunch at noon; and adjourn at 2:00 p.m.
     Randy Pepin, Extension Educator with Nutrient Management Projects, will lead a discussion built around on-farm case studies looking at soil grid sampling information as a clue for manure application decisions. Whether you've used grid sampling, you're just thinking about it, or just want to consider strategies for making good use of manure nutrients - you will likely gain something useful from this discussion.
     Extension Corn Agronomist Jeff Coulter and research assistant Matt Yost will share information about on-farm field trials looking at nitrogen available to a corn crop following alfalfa. Many farmers and crop advisors have valid questions about whether you can bank on 150 pounds of nitrogen available to a corn crop following alfalfa. The field trials are providing some valid information to look at these questions.
     Alfalfa N Credits - Extension Educator Dan Martens
     Benton SWCD / NRCS Field Trials and Resources
     MPCA Feedlot and Manure Application Discussion

Check the attached flyer for times locations and registration information. Lunch will be free for the first 30 registrations.  Manure Alfalfa Nutrients Workshop.pdf

Sauk Centre Hay Auction Report Feb. 7, 2013

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By Dan Martens

This information is from the Sauk Centre Hay Auction held on February 7, 2013. I am posting three reports:

Feb 7 2013 SC Hay Auction.pdf...  A list of all tested hay lots and bedding materials sold ... grouped by kind of hay, RFV and type of bale ... cost per pound of dry matter and cost per RFV point are calculated.

History of Selected Lots 2012 2013.pdf ... A summary of auctions held this year: Medium Square Alfalfa 101 to 200 RFV divided in 25 point groups, and bedding material.

Graph 2001 to 2013 SC Hay Auction.pdf ... A line graph of auction seasons from 2001 to 2010

You can look at USDA Hay Market Reports at Click on "Livestock, Poultry and Grain News" in the middle of the page... and then Click on "Hay" in the middle of the next page.

Ken Barnett, U Wisconsin Extension posts a useful Upper Midwest Hay prices summary at Weekly Hay Prices

Read more for information about three Workshops on Manure Nutrient Management and Alfalfa nitrogen credits for corn following alfalfa in the crop rotation.

Sauk Centre Hay Auction Jan. 17, 2013

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By Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties
I am posting three items based on information from the Jan. 17 2013 Hay Auction at Sauk Centre MN.

Jan 17 2013 SC Hay Auction.pdf ... A list of all tested hay lots and bedding materials sold... grouped by kind of hay, bale type, RFV in 25 point groups for alfalfa and by protein for grass.. cost per pound of dry matter and cost per RFV point are calculated.

History of Selected Lots 2012 2013.pdf ... Average and range of RFV values and prices for Medium Square Alfalfa in 25 RFV groups from 101-200 RFV. This include average for each of the last 4 years and for each auction so far this year. Medium Square Straw is also listed.

Graph 2001 to 2013 SC Hay Auction.pdf ... Line graph for average price of Medium Square Alfalfa by 25 RFV groups. Dotted lines indicate where sales did not have hay in that group.

Hay Stocks Dec 1 2012.pdf... USDA Hay Inventory Dec 1, 2012 USDA report by states for hay on inventory December 1, 2011 and 2012.

Read more... for information about:
Winter Forage Workshops: Feb 5 at Floodwood in NE MN; Feb 6 at Richmond in Central MN; and Feb 7 at Rochester in SE MN
Private Pesticide Applicator Workshops
Minnesota Milk Producers Dairy Management Workshops Feb 5 at St. Joseph; Feb 6 at Rochester.
District DHIA Meetings, NE at Foley Feb 7 features Brant Groen's "Udder Dissection Clinic"
Farm Estate and Farm Transfer workshop February 13 at St. Augusta

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