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A New Model for Engaging Natural Resource Volunteers

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Amy Rager and Andrea Lorek Strauss, Extension Educators in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Education, will present their work toward a new model for engaging natural resource volunteers this afternoon at the Joint Council of Extension Professionals Galaxy National Conference in Pennsylvania. With colleague, Chris Boyd of Mississippi State University Extension Service, they will discuss research-grounded strategies to productively engage individuals through recruitment, education, and retention phases of volunteerism. They will also explore the intersection of effective strategies for teaching adults and supporting volunteers.

Read a short presentation abstract on the conference site. This model will serve as one guide to continue improving the Minnesota Master Naturalist Program volunteer experience.

EXT_PHOTO_OBERH001.jpgKaren Oberhauser, Extension Specialist, joined the Daily Circuit today to discuss the Monarch butterfly migration, currently underway in Minnesota. Oberhauser described how the migration is helping scientists understand a concerning decline in Monarch populations.

Listen to the interview at

For the first time since 1996, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources updated in August the state list of Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species. See the MN Department of Natural Resources Website for more information about the update.

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