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Stress During Transport

Acupuncture points combined with medication appear to reduce stress in horses during road transport.

Bandaging, Wound Healing and Proud Flesh Formation

Bandaging limb wounds resulted in the formation of proud flesh. However, if the proud flesh was removed, bandaging (or not bandaging) had no effect on total time to healing.

Water supply during the cold seasons might be more critical than under summer conditions.

Steaming represents a strategy for reducing dust and mold concentrations and increasing dry matter intake in some hays, but can result in leaching of essential nutrients.

Oral Glucosamine Supplementation in Young Horses

There is potential for dietary glucosamine HCl supplementation to have a positive effect on joint inflammation and cartilage turnover in young growing horses.

Preference of Shade for Domestic Horses in Hot, Sunny Weather

Results indicated that individually-housed horses prefer to utilize shade when it is available in hot, sunny environments.

Effect of Meal Frequency in Horses

This research confirms that feeding several small meals throughout the day is preferred for healthy horses.

The Effect of Steaming on Dust Concentrations in Hay

Results indicate that steaming represents a viable management strategy for reducing dustiness in hay containing elevated dust levels.

Adding Supplements to Water

Adding supplements or electrolytes to water can decrease intake in horses.

Diet affects dental needs of horses

Horses should have a yearly dental evaluation, especially if consuming a diet low in forage or high in pellets.

Feeding horses with PSSM

Avoid hay with nonstructural carbohydrate content of greater than 16%

Foal rib fractures

Rib fractures in foals may be occurring more frequently than previously thought.

Gastric ulcer syndrome and hay

Alfalfa hay may help with gastric ulcers.

Human bone cements work in horses

Magnesium cement performs the best.

Pasture turnout and horse fitness

Pastured horses have greater fitness and bone density.

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