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Curent Insects: October

Be on the watch for these insects in October

Insects in and around homes

•  Boxelder bugs

•  Multicolored Asian lady beetles

•  Social wasps (i.e. yellowjackets, paper wasps)

•  Spiders

•  Stored product insects

    °  Indianmeal moths

    °  flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles etc.

•  Fruit flies

•  Cluster flies

•  Western conifer seed bugs

•  Millipedes

•  Sowbugs

•  Hackberry psyllids

•  Masked hunters

• Ants

    °  carpenter

    °  cornfield, pavement, pharaoh, yellow, thief, odorous house, field, acrobat,

Cockroaches: German, brownbanded, American, Oriental

•  Blow flies

•  Springtails

•  House centipede

•  Pseudoscorpions

•  Carpet beetles

•  Houseplant insects

Insects in gardens and yards


•  Apple maggot damage

•  Iris borers

•  Slugs

•  Tobacco budworms (also known as geranium budworms)


•  Birch catkin feeders

Insects that bite or sting

•  Blacklegged ticks - formerly called deer ticks (can be active in temperatures as low as the low to mid 30's F)

•  Bed bugs

•  Head lice

•  Fleas

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