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Ask A Master Gardener: Get Gardening Answers Online in 24 hrs


P1150490.JPGDid you know that you can email your gardening questions to U of M Extension Master Gardeners - and get an answer by the next day?

Ask A Master Gardener, part of the national Extension Ask An Expert online Q&A tool, is staffed by Extension Master Gardeners ready and willing to provide solutions to your gardening problems within 24 hours. Minnesota recently completed online volunteer training and currently 71 Master Gardeners are volunteering for Ask A Master Gardener.

How does it work? Simple. Click on the link to Ask A Master Gardener, type in your question, attach a photo if you like, and click Submit. Your question is filtered at the national level and sent to a Master Gardener who's criteria (location, topic, etc.) matches your question and location. The Master Gardener volunteer receives your question via email, researches and responds to your email.

Archives of answered gardening questions can also be searched on the national eXtension website. And don't forget to visit the U of M Extension Garden website for publications, classes, events, and other great resources!

The next time a gardening problem perplexes you, Ask A Master Gardener!


Yesenia Anderson said:

Hi -- we have a sour cherry tree -- (meteor?) that was very productive until last year. I'm not sure how old it is, we planted it when the trunk was maybe an inch across, that was about 7 years ago. It's had bouts of mildew on the leaves, but that stopped after I figured out my husband was watering the foliage at night. (!) It is an otherwise healthy tree that gets mostly sun. Part sun in the morning, full sun in the afternoon.

The problem is that the tree appears to be OK, it flowers in the spring and we think we're going to get fruit but the fruit never develops. Instead we have thin pits attached to the stems, no flesh. We do get a little fruit on the new growth at the very top of the tree. What's going on?

Thanks for your help!

Julie Weisenhorn said:

Please submit your question to Ask A Master Gardener directly:

Thank you!

sharleen said:

Hi and thanks for any help,

I live in Anoka (sand) and have a large native perennial garden. This year many of my rudbeckia are producing green flowers! What's going on?

Thank you,

karen anderson said:

I have some tomato stems that have like six blossems...Do I leave them all on, or pinch some off.

thank You,


Julie Weisenhorn said:

Thanks for your questions.

For a faster response, please submit these questions and your photos to:
Ask A Master Gardener at

Del Dolph said:

I have a question regarding use of barrier sheeting when landscaping with rock. Specifically around trees and plants. Is it acceptable to use plastic sheeting around trees and bushes. How do they get sufficient water?

Are contractors required to meet any rules as to when to use plastic or matting or requirements when performing these tasks.

Thank you
Del Dolph

Im intrested to know if you must obtain a license to become a master gardner in your state or just take the necessary classes?

Thanks for your questions.

For a faster response, please submit these questions and your photos to:
Ask A Master Gardener at

Thank you for your inquiry about the UMN Extension Master Gardener Program.

The 2013 Master Gardener Core Course starts in January 2013. Lectures are offered at the MN Landscape Arboretum on Fridays and Saturdays, and online. The class involves online exercises, so an active email address and internet access are required by all participants.

To apply to your local program, please contact your local Extension office:

Thank you for your interest!

Julie Weisenhorn
State director

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