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October 2009 Archives

Family from China Photo credit: ©Peter Menzel from the book "Hungry Planet: What the World Eats" Reprinted from CFANS e-Newsletter, Issue 37, Oct. 19, 2009: The grocery lists and dining tables of people around the globe -- like the family from China pictured above -- are the subject of a new exhibit at the Bell Museum of Natural History that's based on the national best selling book. Hungry Planet, which runs through May 9, combines mesmerizing photos with hands-on displays that explore issues of food in the 21st century — what people eat and where it comes from, as well as how different cultures approach the growing and processing of food. The exhibit is accompanied by a wide variety of food-related programming during its entire run at the Bell.

MG Weekly Update Oct 19 2009

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This week I am at the national eXtension conference on communities of practice and using the tools available to us from eXtension (read: E Extension - stands for electronic extension). Did you realize that our UMN Master Gardener program is part of the larger Consumer Horticulture Community of Practice (abbrev. CoP)? That's where our online Ask A Master Gardener Q&A tool comes in. Right now we have about 15 Master Gardeners who are answering questions via eXtension - there are 232 people in our CoP nationwide (Master Gardeners and Extension specialists). Karen Jeanette, content specialist for eXtension and a research fellow on staff in UMN Hort Sci, is here as well and making several presentations. I have posted a few links and feeds on this website to help you get to the eXtension site. You can search "Answers" by key words and FAQs that are published. Still refining these to help you get there ASAP. You can also read on my side navigational bar (right side) about some of the questions most recently answered by CoP members (including Master Gardeners from MN and other states). It's a pretty cool system and one with whom all of you should become familiar. One word of caution: Just like any resource, when you find a FAQ that answers your question, be sure it applies to Minnesota. MOBOT - Not a Robot While in St. Louis, I had a few hours yesterday to visit the MOBOT - the Missouri Botanical Garden. Being autumn, many of the annual beds were empty and the perennials and trees were losing leaves and dying back. Still, it was a fantastic place to visit and thrilling to see such an important public garden, both in design, plant collections and research. It always pays to visit public gardens here and abroad. The ideas and inspiration is invaluable to gardeners - not to mention the history that usually surrounds these important heCheck out my Flickr pics, uploaded today, of MOBOT.

Upcoming Woodland Advisor Classes

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Upcoming Woodland Advisor Classes throughout Minnesota for October, November and December 2009.  For more information about each class, go to the Woodland Advisor website. Click on the title of the class and additional details will be displayed.

MG Weekly Update Oct. 12 2009

My blog is a bit behind thanks to the flu-like crud (I tested neg for H1N1) that I had a couple of weeks ago followed up by a double ear infection. (Where did that come from?) I am now on the mend and feeling better. Thanks for your patience as I have been trying to get back to everyone who contacted me by phone / email! UMExtension-Wordmark Extension Fall Conference was last week complete with keynote speakers Chris Farrell, economics editor from NPR, economist Mike Swanson from Wells Fargo, and our dean of extension, Bev Durgan.  I chose the walking tour of the capital - not so much for the site, but for the opportunity to meet Todd Iverson, UMN Assistant State Government Relations Director. In talking with Todd during the tour, he told me that the Master Gardener Program is one of the most talked-about Extension Programs in the legislature. (Hmmm .... I am curious about this and plan to meet with Todd over coffee.) Other sessions dealt with media relations (ie: how to get the word out about the MG Program), technology, hybrid programs, resolving conflict, and grant writing. Did you know that by 2011 there will be more people over the age of 65 than in K-12 education? "Changing Faces, Changing Places: MN Populations in Transition" was a great session with state demographer Tom Gillapsy, and UMN research fellow in Community Vitality Ben Winchester.  Amazing. Our population is aging, but people are working longer and later into their lives. Having trouble logging in to the Master Gardener website? As you enter your hours for 2009, be sure that you have the correct web address.  Web State logoReminder: 2009 hours due by Dec. 31 2009 Please enter your 2009 hours online by Dec. 31, 2009 (or earlier). Hours not entered by this date will not be counted toward your volunteer or continuing education hours. Your hours help measure the impact of our program and provide the number of contacts Extension has reached during the year through the Master Gardener Program. By entering your hours on time, you are helping us help Extension to measure its effectiveness and subsequently justify to local governments and the federal government why they should continue to support the program.  So it's really important that your reporting be accurate and up to date. If you are having trouble entering hours or don't have access to a computer, contact your local program coordinator, volunteer coordinator or a fellow Master Gardener for help. Please do not contact the state staff to enter your hours. Watch this site for a video + handout to also help you with this task. Thank you to everyone for working on this! Need some volunteer hours for 2009? Teach at the Boy Scout Retreat at the Arboretum - Nov. 7 2009 We still need five more Master Gardeners to help boy scouts get started on their Plant Science and Gardening merit badges. All Master Gardeners welcome (not just metro area). Sign up is online has closed.  Click a Boy Scouts of America for details. Annual Gypsy Moth Review to be held in Minneapolis - Oct. 27-29 2009 - Mpls, MN The Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the National Gypsy Moth Management Board invite you to attend and participate in the/ /2009 Annual Gypsy Moth Review/ /meeting to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Tuesday, October 27 through Thursday, October 29, 2009.  The Program Committee has lined up a variety of knowledgeable speakers to talk about gypsy moth, program management, and other invasive forest insects.  For more information see the  Conference website
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