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December 2009 Archives

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Are you sometimes not sure where to find answers to the horticulture questions you encounter? Here is a document that is a good starting point for you. Print it out as a quick reference, and remember to bookmark the websites on your computer. Good luck!   

Happy New Year to you!

Happy holidays Master Gardeners!
I've been enjoying Christmas with my family up in Moose Lake where my parents live on Sand Lake. I am a winter enthusiast - heck, I'm enthusiastic about every season. My husband, Karl, and I are avid skiers and love being outside with our dog Nikki. My two brothers and their families were able to make it up to Sand Lake as well, so we were all together and had time to talk, play games, eat together, and just hang out - who could ask for more?

I am looking forward to 2010 with all of you. Have you been checking out the catalogs yet? I am thinking of a small fruit garden this year with some herbs here and there. I need some bramble hedge - raspberries - to keep the dog from sneaking in my neighbor's yard, and I am really into berries. I tried to stay away from the Jung's and Burpee books, but couldn't help myself. The new Burpee format makes me feel like I am paging through a Smith & Hawken book. It's beautiful.

My sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your great volunteering in 2009. Here's to a great 2010. We are all so fortunate to be involved in this great program - what a team we have - all 2000 of us! I have made a very short video - 37 seconds to be exact. Click on the link below and promise me you won't laugh - it's my first one!
Happy holidays to you all!
Video 1.wmv
It's a goal of mine to make it easy for the gardening public to find answers - however they want to do so - to their gardening questions. Some questions come in the form of face-to-face, email and phone calls. Other people like to research answers on their own using University information and websites. The UMN Dept of Hort Science - our academic home - has added a slick new page to their website to help people who visit our site looking for answers to their horticulture questions.
Check it out: Got a Gardening Question?
"Blog" is short for "web log", and is a form of social media that enables people to share ideas and comments about what is posted. If you have a question about my blog, no doubt someone else has the same one, so you are helping by posting your comment / question on the blog. To comment, scroll down and click on Sign In to leave a comment. Please include your name and county.

MG Weekly Dec 7 2009

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worms.jpgVermiculture at Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, Inver Grove Heights
I received an email from Christina Ragel, an elementary school teacher who was starting a worm bin in her classroom. I brought along my own worm bin as a demonstration. The kids were pretty interested and excited about their new bin and seeing just what the heck was going on in my bin. P.S. I got a whole bunch of nice letters from the teacher and students.

Thumbnail image for Shoreline.JPGMN Water Quality: Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard!
From Barb Liukkonen, UMN Water Resources Center
The University of Minnesota's Water Resources Center is developing a Water Sustainability Framework for the next 25 years to protect and improve Minnesota's precious water resources. Because the state's surface and ground waters belong to the people, we are gathering public opinion via surveys and listening sessions on a range of water issues.

Use this link and complete an online survey to make sure your opinions are heard. It's anonymous, quick, and easy. Responses will be incorporated into the Minnesota Water Sustainability Framework that will be presented to the State Legislature January 2011.

If you're unable to access the survey online, call 612-624-8292 and we'll send you a written copy. Please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues, members, or constituents.

While you're on the WRC web site, you can sign up for regular email updates on the progress of the Framework and find out more about when and where Listening Sessions will be held around the state.

Resource on Permaculture
Read on about the Permaculture Research Institute

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