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July 2010 Archives

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Here is an awesome site from Cornell University to help you troubleshoot berry issues:

Berry Diagnostic Tool

08663cover.jpgThe 2011 MN Gardening Calendar is now available for the Early Bird price of $6.50 (retail price: $13.99).

In the past, Extension staff had to make the purchase for Master Gardeners in order to get this special price. Now, the Extension Store has created a coupon code for any Master Gardener to use to buy the calendar directly from the Store.

This year, Master Gardeners can use coupon code mgc2011 to receive the Early bird special discounted price if they do not have access to placing orders via a county Extension office or would like to order a personal copy. To receive the discounted price, those placing the order must enter the coupon code when placing their order online (see instructions below). Please note that taxes a shipping & handling will be applied to orders.

Here's how:

Click on the link below to drop directly into the 2011 Calendar catalog page, click on add to cart and you should see the page below.
(Orders can also be placed by going directly to the shopping cart <> and searching on item number #08633 if the link above does not work).

1)      Enter quantity
2)      Enter coupon mgc2011 note: Code is case sensitive, use lowercase letters
3)      Click on Apply Coupon
4)      Click on Check out
5)      Continue with checkout process to complete online order

NOTE: It's important to enter the coupon code and then click Apply Coupon to receive the discount.

The screen will update showing the discount savings and also state coupons applied. Please note that all orders will have shipping & handling and taxes applied upon completion of the order.

Proceeds from the sale of the calendar have been provided to the Master Gardener Program for grants, to print our new brochure, and to help marketing for the core course, our state program's major revenue source for Bridget's position as State Program Assistant

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Extension Store Customer Service: 1-800-876-8636.


Over the past year, I had the great fortune to meet Barb Hegman, a Master of Ag graduate of our department and a devoted gardener. Barb created, an online journal for gardeners. I've started using it and have to say - I really like it. You have to get used to entering information - and I am getting used to it - but once you get going, it's a great way to track your successes (and failures) for future reference. Till now, I tracked my garden evolution by (1) saving the plant tags in one of those clear plastic bins; (2) with photos, and (3) in my head. Not the best way to really measure what you have done and how you have done it, AND whether it worked is giving me a reason to track my work - and revel in the great stuff that happens in my precious garden. One feature I really like is the plant database. While some basic plants are already in there, I can add my own and create my own garden's "phyto residents" (plants). Anyone who has taken my landscape class (or asked me about landscaping) knows I feel pretty strongly about the importance of proper plant selection - funny thing is, I am the biggest sucker when it comes to trying out a new plant - even if it isn't perfectly suited to the site. (OK, I should practice what I preach - sigh).


If you're interested in trying, you can sign up for a 30-day trial and test drive it. if you like it and want more, Barb is offering Master Gardeners a 20% discount off the regular annual subscription, making the price $17 for one year or $36 for 3 years. This special price is active till Sept. 15, 2010.

Visit for more information.

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