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Arboretum Yard & Garden Desk - Today

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While still in my p.j.'s this morning and with a cup of great coffee from my sweet husband, Karl, I checked in with the sign ups for the Arboretum Yard & Garden Desk. MG Mary Buley from Hennepin is scheduled to be here from 1-4 pm, but there was no one signed up for the morning. I was planning to work this morning on our new website, but I thought, "Sit inside at a computer .... or sit outside on the lovely Morgan Terrace outside the Snyder Building and talk gardening with folks?" Duh .... easy answer, and here I am. According to my iGoogle page, it's 65 degrees, a slight breeze and the MacMillian Garden is gorgeous. Hey ... there's a kid in crawling into one of the beds - Yeah! A future MG???????

I visited briefly with three MGs from Hutchinson already who I got to know working with them on the state conference a few years ago. They said there are about 30 of them here and were heading for the Tram. Hopefully they'll come on back this way and I'll have a chance to catch up. Over Labor Day, I was at a music festival in Pennington, playing guitar and singing with Karl and some local friends, and heard MG Christie Reese (I think I got that right) from Beltrami was there.I hadn't met hjer before, do didn't know her face. I never got to chat with her, but hope she had as much fun as I did - and enjoyed the music!

My view in real time:

23553754367_ORIG[1].jpegIt's always great to meet MGs on my travels. Eleanor Burkett and I spoke around the Arrowhead region at public libraries in July and in August. I got to meet many MGs and see some folks I already knew. The Lake of the Woods Master Gardeners came out in a bunch - 17 people in Baudette - woo-wee! Grand Rapids had a good turn out as well. It was great to meet Mabel in Silver Bay (she helped me along with soil information, temperature, etc.), Eleanor in Duluth, and so many others. Thanks, Arrowhead MGs, for making us feel welcome! 

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