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Did you know ....?

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Electronic communications can be baffling if you don't understand the new language and terms used. Did you know ....

An "URL" is the address of a website or web link. The URL of our state MG website is Think of it like a street address. It's where you can find the website in the vast universe of the world wide web.

"LOL" in an email or text message means "Laugh Out Loud". It is the new "ha-ha-ha".

"Blog" is a shortened version of "web log". It is the new way to journal and express your thoughts via the Web.

Having to enter those random alphanumeric characters before you can submit your comment to my blog helps lessen the chance of hackers programming  repeated  comment to my blog.  These characters change at random each time you go to post a comment.

1 Comment

Claire M Kari Hennepin mg said:

Will the mg listserv be moved to a gmail server? If so is it possible to have attachments of documents and pictures? The anti spam functions thus far have been a little too good on my umn account, I am finding receipts and updates from vendors in spam and junk folders. :)

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