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On the Horizon: New Master Gardener State Website

The state staff and our EFANS Communications Team have been working for the past 9 months on a new Master Gardener state website. It has more visual appeal, is easier to navigate, and will be the first place everyone will go - MGs, staff, the public - for information on the program and links to local MG programs.

Some of the great new features:
  • Dedicated volunteer section - a section just for MG volunteers where you can download teaching materials, enter hours, view CE opps, sign up to volunteer, find answers on youth gardening, diversity and other specialized audiences, tutorials, feeds from my blog and Y&G News, etc.
  • Dedicated coordinator section - tools and documents for coordinators
  • A news section in a blog format - right on the homepage for all to read, blog format for easy upload by coordinators
  • Donating made easy
  • Feedback response tool so we can get your comments and input.
  • Overall look of the site - more UMN connection, more pictures, clean layout
This has been a 9-month project and a collaboration of state staff - Dave, me and Bridget - and our EFANS Communications Team. It is a HUGE improvement and I am excited to get it online for you all.

Release date is by the end of February 2011.


Barbara Stendahl said:

I'm really looking forward to the new MG website; it sounds like a lot of work went into creating a great site for MG and public use.
I would prefer that the link be on the "MG Only" site for county newsletters since they often contain personal MG contact information that volunteers might not wish the public to obtain.

Rodney Karnitz said:

I believe it should be on the public site there is a lot of good information that wouuld be usefull to the general public. We as MG's will just have to keep that in mind when posting or replying.

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