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CE OPP - Reminder: Online Diagnostics Module

Reminder about the new ONLINE Diagnostics class is now open to all Master Gardeners, industry professionals, teachers, etc.

The class fee is $10 for Master Gardeners payable via Paypal.

Follow these four easy steps:

1, Go to the website is:
2. At the Course list, scroll to Yard & Garden, and click on Master Gardener
3. Scroll down to Introduction to Diagnostics for Master Gardener Volunteers and click on the class name.
4. Set up a username and password for the moodle course site

The page will automatically go to the class site with the PayPal info at the bottom of the page.


Tom Hutsell said:

What is the rationale for charging MGs a fee for the diagnostics module? Seems to me that this module is at the very core of MG work and should be provided free to active MGs. I can understand charging a modest fee for non-MGs.

What is a "moodle course site" as cited in Step 4 of the instructions to use the on-line diagnotics module?

Thanks for your comment, Tom.

I wish we could offer all education cost-free, but unfortunately that is not possible in today's economic environment. This is the case in many, if not all, colleges and universities across the nation.

Fortunately, the cost of creating this module (staff time) was paid for by a grant from the North Central IPM center (part of USDA). The class fee of $10 per person covers a fee to eXtension for hosting the site and OSU staff support time. A small portion of the fee goes into an account to help fund future modules like this.

Re: Moodle - this is the online education software platform. Our core course is a Moodle course as are other online courses at the UMN and other colleges and universities across the country.

Hope this helps - jw

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