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From the associate dean: The purpose of what we do

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As I visit with many of you, I often hear how busy you are with doing this, being there, and so on. I urge you all to take a moment to step back and ask yourself, "Why am I doing all this?"

I suspect many of your replies will fall into some traditional categories: "I am doing this because we have always done this; therefore, I am expected to." Or, "I am doing this because it is a way to create some income, which I like to have at my discretion." Or maybe, "I am doing this because I think it needs to be done, and it benefits my relationships in the community."

The main reason we provide educational programming is to create value for the organization. Will your schedule this week improve Extension's situation in obtaining more federal or state funding? What curriculum did you contribute to this week that will increase Extension's public value? Can you document that? What programming did you contribute to this week that created private value such that those audiences will advocate for increased funding for Extension?

I urge everyone to reread Extension's strategic planning document and understand that our programming must lead to organizational value. As we work on defining the "what" with our program business plans, we must also understand the "why" as well.

Please find a few minutes on your calendars on June 5 for our Q & A Webinar on program business plans. I believe there will be information and questions presented that will make it worth your time.

-Mike Schmitt, associate dean

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