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Consider your delivery approach

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Program teams are actively writing program business plans; I too have been involved in this process by writing the business plan for our Center (with plenty of help from Whitney, Sarah, Maggie, etc.). While the Center's program is a bit different than yours, I have first-hand understanding of the process--and the AgPlan tool. As you may be aware, some sections are easier to get one's hands around than others!

Consider the development plan section, and in particular the subsection on delivery approach. It is imperative that we think carefully about each program's delivery approach from the viewpoint of our learners/audience rather than from our teaching perspective. Do a little mental market research with your existing or potential audiences. Who are they? What generation are they in? How technology savvy are they? When and how do they learn? Put this all together to best determine the most effective delivery approach. I suspect we will find that more and more of our audiences want more technology-enhanced learning opportunities.

Extension, and the whole University, is promoting e-learning initiatives. A package of e-learning support services from Extension Technology was awarded to groups that applied early this year. There is the opportunity for more programs to apply for e-learning project support from Extension Technology (see details here). I hope that more of our programs will focus on this in the future--knowing that the future is now!

Thank you for all you do!

-Mike Schmitt, associate dean

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