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5 tips for better article titles

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Whether your article is read is often determined by the title. Are your titles doing the job?

Create a promise of what they will read.

  • OK: "Downy mildew"

  • BETTER: "Why conditions are right for downy mildew"

Use a number--it's a proven technique to grab attention.

  • OK: "Soil testing"

  • BETTER: "3 reasons to get your soil tested"

Tell the reader how.

  • OK: "Emerald ash borer identification"

  • BETTER: "How to identify emerald ash borer"

Use a call to action. What do you want your reader to do?

  • OK: "Invasive species workshop"

  • BETTER: "Join us for the invasive species workshop"

Ask a question that you will answer.

  • OK: "Nitrogen after the rain"

  • BETTER: "What's happening with my nitrogen after all this rain?"

Try one of these methods!

-Maggie Frazier, editor

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